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We need to start up our Web site!

- Want to start up the business in the US.
- American companies are very expensive.
- Need someone I can ask about the Web.
- Need the authorization function for credit card.
I was looking for a very honest company to start up our Web site.
Sew Easy New York
Ms. Toshiko Nakaura

We need to bost up our Web site!

- Need more visitors
- It is very complicated for me to update our contents.
- I do understand that SEO and SEM, but I don’t know what SEO and SEM are.
I wanted to make our Web site easy to update.
Top Tunes
Mr. Takuya Kida,  Mr. Takahiro Sekiguchi

I have nice idea! … But I do not know how to do.

- I want to expand our business for oversea markets.
- I know about Web sites, but do not know about programs.
- We need to use the cloud applications like Google.
I was thinking about expanding our business with the IT technologies.
Karaoke Champ
Mr. Mike Kida (President&CEO)

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